Lesoon for Grade7 (Sept.14th)


Lesson Plan 1-A

  Name:  Art and Sports Middle School

Teacher: Graham

Date: 14.9.


Type of Class: International Understanding Grade 7: Food

Teaching Objectives: To be able to name (correctly pronounce and spell) certain meats, vegetables and staple foods, and to categorise them into the correct group.

Teaching Aids: PPT, board

Teaching Procedure


Describe Activities


Step 1

(15 minutes)



Explain that we’ll be talking about food. What can students see on slide 1?

Go through slides 2-31. Which foods do students know from the pictures? Drill pronunciation: whole class, then groups, then individuals.

Step 2

(15 minutes)



Focus on types of food: meat, vegetables and staple food. “Chicken is a meat”, “Potatoes are vegetables” etc.

Divide class into four groups, one from each group come to front. T says a food, St says food type. Or T says food type, St gives an example. First one to do so correctly gets point for team.


Step 3

(5 minutes)



Slides 32-33. What do/don’t you like to eat? Model intonation, facial expression and body language for “yummy!” and “yucky!” Students ask and answer in pairs, then whole class.


Step 4

(5 minutes)

Divide class into four groups, one from each group come to front. T says word or shows picture, St write on board. First to write word with correct spelling gets point for team.


Optional Activities and Homework: Review vocabulary learnt


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